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Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & Spa
Via Gerolamo Frescobaldi 5
00198 Rome RM

This conference is structured into two panels and a dynamic interview.

The first session will evaluate with a fresh look the changing trends in the region between continuing fragmentation and new pacification trends in the Gulf and with Israel, whose government promises overcome old stalemates. Different alignments among the USA, EU, Russia and China are part of a picture, where the Alliance needs to shape and adapt while supporting the countries concerned in the region.


The second session will squarely consider the actual battle for what the Foundation calls “Deep Maghreb”, i.e., the continuum that links the Maghreb countries of the Mediterranean with the sand sea of Sahel across several trafficking routes controlled by organised crime and other non-state actors. What resources, forces and strategies should be employed to avoid a major regional collapse whose epicentre is Libya and whose reverberations affect the African Hinterland?


All information and programme available on the dedicated page on our website.

Organizer: NATO Foundation
Contact person: Sofia Mastrostefano
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