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Seeds&Chips @MiCo
Piazzale Carlo Magno, 1
20149 Milano MI

"If you want to be a startup billionaire,
you have to solve a billion peoples' problems.
Thimo V.Schmitt-Lord MBE, Head of Bayer Cares Foundations

We believe in the game changing power of innovation - we support pioneers who apply tech innovations to humanity's biggest challenges around health and food.

In 2018 we are scouting for Startups, Innovators, and Impact Innovations particularly focused on agriculture and food production for our seed funding programs and new book "The Beauty of Impact - Food".
We are searching for innovations that solve the food crisis and other global grand health-related challenges that we can promote and fund to bring to the rising billions in need around the world.

Seeking funding yourself for a crazy "Innovation-4-Food" idea?

You'll have the opportunity to meet the Foundations CEO Thimo V.Schmitt-Lord and Open Innovation Hub Director and Speaker Marc Buckley at Bayer Cares Foundations booth during Seeds&Chips international summit.
Organizer: AHK German Italian Chamber of Commerce, for Bayer Cares Foundations
Contact person: Lavinia Lorenzetti
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